Job Posting Guidelines for MS Word

The second method is to enter the following information in Microsoft Word and e-mail it to the Director of HR Communications at

*Note: Items listed in BLUE will NOT be published unless they are listed in the "How to Apply" area. These items will only be used if the chapter requires clarification.

Date Requested MM/DD/YY: Positions will be posted for one month.
Recruiter Name: Provide the name of the person requesting the opportunity posting.
Recruiter Phone: Provide the phone number of the person requesting the opportunity posting.
Recruiter E-mail: Provide the e-mail of the person requesting the opportunity posting.
Company Name: Provide the name of the company.
Position Title: Provide the name of the position that the applicant is applying for.
Position Location: Provide the city where the applicant will be working.
Company Background: This field may be left blank. However, this area will give you the opportunity to sell your company in a way that would attract Project Management professionals. Describe your company in terms of industry, industry position, and employee benefits.
Position Details: Specify what the position involves.
Position Requirements: List the minimum experience and education that an applicant must have.
How to Apply: Describe the method that an applicant must use to apply for the position. Various methods may include: Apply Online (supply your link), Send your resume to: (provide address) etc.
Type of Employment: Explain if this position is full time, part time, contract or contract for hire.
Salary Range: Describe how the applicant will be compensated. Or, state that the salary will be determined by experience.