PDD Free Agent Program

The PDD Free Agent Program gives group discounts ranging from $25-$100 to "free agents" who aren't part of a company group. Group members don't have to be from the same company and participation in the program does not obligate you to register for PDD. Discounts increase based on the size of the group:

6-10 people - $25 discount
11-20 people - $50 discount
21-30 people - $75 discount
31+ people - $100 discount

How to participate:

  1. Visit the PMI KC Chapter LinkedIn group (This is a closed group, so if you are not a member you must first request permission to join)
  2. Find the featured conversation at the top titled “PDD Free Agent Program”
  3. Comment “yes” to the conversation

That's it - you’re a member of the Free Agent group and will receive a group discount!

**The PDD Free Agent Program is open only to those who have not registered for PDD. Sharing your discount code with others is a violation of the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct**