Awards FAQ

What advice can you offer about submitting entries?

    • The “Call for Nominations” begins 1 May each year.

    • Start the process early.

    • Designate an award team with a lead nominator who gathers all necessary information, completes the paperwork and submits it on time, and acts as a liaison between chapter and the team.

    • Review the application package carefully. If possible, request a person not connected with the submission review it for criteria and compliance.

    • Justify in the submission why you think your submission should receive the award.

    • Contact [email protected] with questions as early as possible.

Is there an application fee for the award?

There are no application fees to apply for Award.

Who selects winner?

Group of panelist selected by President will evaluate the application.

When is award presented?

Award will be presented at Annual Professional Development Day.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact KCPMI at [email protected]