Advertisement Policy

Website Advertisement

PMI KC accepts paid advertisements from any individual or organization, if the material can benefit the chapter membership.  Advertisements must meet the criteria of professional appeal or interest to the PMI KC membership and are allowed as outlined in the Sponsorship options.  Generally, advertisement should be focused on project management related products, services, or organizational awareness.  Advertisements that do not meet these criteria will be rejected.  All advertisement requests, including pricing and options must be directed to VP Communication and VP Sponsorship, and advertisement must be delivered to VP Communications or Webmaster in JPG format to place on the website.

Website Advertisement Fees


One Month

Three Consecutive Month (16.7% discount)

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Newsletter Advertisement

In addition to our website, PMI KC also offers advertising in our bi-monthly newsletters.  All newsletter advertisements should follow the same guideline as website advertisement and must be delivered to the VP Communications or Director of Publications, JPG format by the deadlines established for each newsletter.  All newsletters will be distributed to all Chapter members via email and published on Chapter website under News & Events.  

Newsletter Advertisement Fees


One Newsletter

Three Consecutive Newsletter (16.7% discount)