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Webinar for 4 PDUs: Project Management in a Technological World

May 02, 2020
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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Event Description:

Project management in a technological world means two things. First, it means embracing new ways of delivering projects such as Agile or hybrid approaches. Second, it means staying true to the basics of project management, which include solid planning, execution, and monitoring and control to ensure scope, time, and cost stay within boundaries.  

In RefineM’s webinar, project managers will learn new and proven techniques to successfully deliver projects in a technological world. New approaches such as Agile/Scrum, Lean, and hybrid will be covered, and techniques to manage the triple constraint of scope, time, and cost will be covered. The webinar will also cover what concepts project managers need to understand to navigate the landscape of the technological world. By sticking to the basics of project management and incorporating new techniques, project managers can survive and thrive in any environment, no matter how complex. 

Course Objectives to maximize the Value of your Portfolio include analysis of:

  • Trends in technology and how to navigate them. 

  • Challenges in managing projects in the new technological world 

  • How to use lean/agile and hybrid approaches to manage scope, time, and cost on highly complex technology projects. 


Audience: Anyone who is interested in how to apply Project Management/Agile principles in highly complex technology projects, including Project Managers, Agile practitioners, PMO Directors, and others, are encouraged to register. 


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$125.00 Guest Ticket-Earn 4 PDUs for a 4-hour webinar
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