PDD 2020 Featured Speakers



Spencer Horn

Altium Leadership

Spencer is the President of Altium Leadership. He was previously the CEO of a leadership development company and Vice President of a NASDAQ company, which developed IMAX theaters. There he worked with major organizations such as IMAX Corp., National Geographic Television, Radio City Productions, Disney Films and more. He has been speaking professionally since 2009 and presenting at PMI chapter development conferences since 2010 and has been a regular speaker at the PMI Leadership Institute Meeting (LIM) North America Conference, since 2014. He is consistently one of the highest rated speakers for the yearlong, PMI Leadership Institute Master Class (LIMC) since 2015.

Staying Relevant in The Age of Big Data & AI

Technology and computing power is advancing at mind boggling speed. In 1965, Gordon Moore predicted that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit would double every two years. In 1975 he revised the growth rate to doubling every 18 months. Going from 5 transistors 10 was not a big deal. Today we are growing from 5 billion transistors on a tiny chip to 10, 20 and 40 billion in just 6 years. How fast are you improving your skills? It is impossible for us to keep up. What are the implications of this phenomenon on your future employment?

Companies are investing in technology at an ever-greater rate, to fill their skills gaps and labor shortage. With unemployment below 4% it should be easy to find a job, yet that is not what many are experiencing today.

Technology advances until 5 years ago meant an increase in employment and the standard of living. That is no longer true. The current economic data suggests that the evolution of technology is contributing to slower labor and wage growth. For the first time in history, people are starting to lose jobs to machines. This is a trend that is expected to accelerate.

Technology is replacing left brain functions like accounting, research, analysis, hiring, dangerous work, and highly cognitive brain work. As computing power expands, there is no job that is safe from technology replacing humans. What will happen to many of the high paying jobs of the past in science, technology, engineering, and math?

The high cognitive careers will still be important, there will just be fewer of them. Those who will succeed at the highest level in these and other careers will need to learn additional skill such as building relationships, brainstorming, collaborating, and leading. In the future, technology will be capable of doing most jobs. However, some qualities, skills, and abilities will never be replaced. You can increase your value to current and future employers by improving these.

Todd Hunt

The Hunt Company

Funnier than a business speaker; more informative than a comedian, Todd Hunt speaks to organizations that want to add fun to their events and send members back to work smiling—with tips to improve communication and success.

His keynotes have inspired project managers at PMI Chicagoland, Pittsburgh, New Jersey and Hampton Roads, plus Resource Planning Summit, American Payroll Association, Fujitsu and other conferences.

As an executive at Ogilvy & Mather, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, Todd learned the inner workings of communication. Additional positions with an insurance administrator, retailer and his own marketing company enabled him to validate his communication concepts.

Communication Bleeps and Blunders in Business

A major challenge in project management today is communication. You said one thing; your sponsor, stakeholder or vendor heard something else. Nobody was wrong, but now everyone is confused...and you have to deal with it!

This informative and entertaining keynote shares funny, true examples from the business world to illustrate how we all miscommunicate...and how we can improve.




Tom Mulligan

Sandler Training by Coffman Group

Tom Mulligan is a veteran training consultant and coach. He has been a top performer in sales and leadership in very large organizations and small business as well. For forty years, he has helped build businesses and organizations, large and small by building the performance of their people. He is sought after by organizations needing immediate improvement in customer relations, sales and Internal communication efficiency. He brings real solutions to real problems.

Resistance to Change

You will come away with ways to deal with resistance to change and the conflict that it causes. We will discuss where it comes from and how to manage through the process by understanding what is really happening and how to gain the help of all stakeholders in finding solutions.

Anthony Reed

Anthony Renard Reed, CPA PC / Caribbean Endurace Sports Corp.

Mr. Anthony Reed, CPA, PMP is an international business executive with over 30 years of experience and is a history-making, international marathoner. This includes 25 years in project management and executive positions for Fortune 500 companies. He’s currently the CEO Caribbean Endurance Sports.

The major newspapers and publications across the country. This includes the USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News, Runner’s World, Southern Living, PMI Today, and the Journal of Accountancy. He has authored five books and over 50 articles. His articles have appeared in ComputerWorld, Datamation, Career Focus, and Runner’s World magazines.

From the Road Race to the Rat Race: The Story of a Type T Project Manager

What characteristics do entrepreneurs (positive), sociopaths (negative), thinkers (mental), and endurance/extreme athletes (physical) have in common? They are Type T personalities. Learn how a positive, mental, and physical Type T project manager and marathon coach focused on becoming an internationally recognized executive, organizing a multi-country racing series, and ran his way in the history books as a 131-time, hall of fame marathoner.



Herb Sih

Think Big Partners

Herb has inspired some of the world most progressive cities, companies and entrepreneurs to Think Big! As an accomplished entrepreneur, innovator, investor and catalyst for change, he has focused on tackling some of the world's biggest challenges and has become a trusted adviser and an internationally recognized expert in the "smart cityâ" space. Drawing on his diverse background in finance, innovation and entrepreneurship, he has seen how technology can transform the world - when in the hands of the right people. Combined with his experience as a military pilot, he understands the "can-do" attitude that is required to overcome obstacles that you will meet along the way to success.

Next Generation Project Management Can Save The World - A Glimpse of Our Smart City Future

Cities are facing daunting challenges due to urbanization. Since 1990, the number of people living in urban areas has doubled, and in the next 30 years this number will nearly double again. Increasingly, cities are turning to "smart technologies" to become "smart cities" to address the needs of its citizens, on top of its aging infrastructure and its already limited budgets. The cost of to become a smart city is steep. But the price of inaction for a city is even steeper and puts humanity at risk.

Future smart city deployments require public private partnerships to be successful. These partnerships are already complicated but will require an even more complex business relationship to fully enable cities to adopt this technology while managing the risk of all stakeholders involved. Next generation project management in the smart city realm can help lead this business process transformation. Unless cities can change how they identify problems, procure technologies and finance these investments, mankind in the urban environment is in peril. Project management has the opportunity to manage these risks, speed up technology adoption and even help create new innovation insights to problems today and in the future.

Candy Whirley

SBG Services, LLC

Candy Whirley, MM, CSP brings experience from: training, customer service, management and entertainment (former Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader). She has been a business owner and author for 19 years. Some clients include: several Regional School Nutrition, Human Resource, Medical Managers and Project Management Conferences. She graduated Cum Laude from Missouri Western State University and earned her Masters in Management at the University of Phoenix.

It Takes 4 to Tango

In It Takes 4 To Tango, Candy has two meanings when it comes to her "4." The first meaning... she will take you through her 4 C's of Leadership which are the importance of Confidence, Communication, Creativity and Change in the workplace, the second meaning... you will go on a brilliant exploration of personality styles that will make you think, laugh, even dance... and recognize your true self and others.






Devin Henderson


Devin has been professionally cracking up, amazing and inspiring audiences for fifteen years. He has opened for comedians Sinbad and Mike Birbiglia and is a Certified Speaking Professional, which is like the black belt of public speaking. So don’t mess with him – his humor is lethal. Devin is also a self-published author. “Share Your Magic” is his best-selling book of all time, mainly because it’s his only book. Devin wrote this bio himself, which is challenging and actually kind of weird.