PDD 2019 Keynote Speakers

Amy Franko
Impact Instruction Group


Morning Keynote (Day 1) - The Ripple Effect: Becoming a Leader of Impact & Influence
As a project leader, there are countless demands, opportunities and choices placed before you. You make hundreds of decisions each day, ranging from the subconscious and mundane to the complex and life-changing. Each decision is a drop that creates a ripple effect on those around you. A ripple effect of results in your organization and beyond.

No matter your title, your generation or your background, leadership is a choice. It’s a way of operating in the world that sets you apart. Conversations about impact and legacy often come later in life, as we look back at what we’ve accomplished and contributed. Imagine the results we could create if we instead look forward — consciously designing our ripple effect of impact and influence.

How do you gauge if your leadership today will create lasting impact and influence tomorrow? In this leadership keynote, Amy Franko will share the key dimensions that leaders of impact and influence consciously cultivate. When you build these key dimensions, you’ll show up in a more courageous and impactful way. Not just for today, but for the future you want to create to build a better tomorrow!

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Afternoon Keynote (Day 1) - Leading Successful Change
Use Business Readiness today to prepare your team for tomorrow. We know change is inevitable - but do you know how to help your team, organization and stakeholders to prepare? As an organizational change management expert who focuses on getting the business ready for change, the speaker will share a five-step process of business readiness.

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April Callis-Birchmeier
Springboard Consulting


Bill Fournet
President and CEO
The Persimmon Group


Morning Keynote (Day 2) - Leading for Tomorrow: New Rules for Yourself, Your Team and Your Mission
In this thought-provoking but practical program, become equipped to better lead through uncertainty and change. Learn and apply Bill Fournet’s rules for yourself, your team and your mission to not only navigate but thrive in the midst of chaos. Learn workforce trends and what’s on the horizon to prepare you to better lead today and tomorrow.

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Afternoon Keynote (Day 2) - The Magic of Mentoring
Mentoring is the single most effective method of inducting a new team member onto a project or into an organization and perpetuating its culture. But successful mentoring relationships don’t just happen. They follow a specific progression. Drawing on the latest research, this interactive program will help you tap the personal and professional power of mentoring. Discover how to start and grow a successful mentoring relationship; how to ensure the right pairing, and how to increase your chances of success with The Mentor-Protégé Contract. Also, learn how innovative organizations are using “Reverse Mentoring” to promote a culture of growth and sharing.

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Dr. Paul Schempp
Performance Matters


Devin Henderson
The Drop Guy


Closing Keynote (Day 2) - Drop the Ball: Leveraging Failure to Elevate your Excellence as a Project Manager
Failure isn’t a dead end, it’s just a fork in the road. (like when our Keynote got X’d by Mel B and booted off America’s Got Talent). Learn how taking risks, “dropping the ball,” picking up the ball, and repeating that process makes you a winner.

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